How to Play


Pick a buddy and draw a card. You read the scenario out loud and you both answer the same question.


Draw a card, read the scenario out loud and ask another player for their answer.


Draw a card, read the scenario out loud and answer it as if you were another player.


Draw a card and take ten minutes to write down your thoughts. Pro-tip: Go through one card each day.


Keep the card in your wallet or stick it to your wall, mirror or fridge as a reminder of your passion or goal.


Place all cards face up on the table. Draw cards and share your answers in no particular order, one card at a time. 

Why Scenario Cards?

Building relationships

Transform how you connect with those you care about the most. Get closer through conversations that gently express what you value, and why.

Plan your career

Find the spaciousness to reflect upon what you really love to do. If you found the courage to listen for -- and answer -- your calling, what would that work look and feel like?

Uncover you

Instead of achieving more, what if you felt gratitude for what you already have, gratitude for who you already are? And from that place you amplified what you love. . .

Where to use Scenario Cards?

A picnic with beer

Enjoy with wine

At the campfire

At the beach

Enjoy with wine

In the automobile!