Imagine a life of passion

Resources to find meaning and connection in work and relationships

Best Case Scenario Assessment

Scenarios unlock the impossible

When you imagine, you open to a dream-like state of powerful possibility. You may interpret the past in a new way, notice something not noticed before. Or you may envision a future where your passions feel full expression. This is the power of Scenarios...

Get ready for 'wow'

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Why Scenario Cards?

Building relationships

Transform how you connect with those you care about the most. Get closer through conversations that gently express what you value, and why.

Plan your career

Find the spaciousness to reflect upon what you really love to do. If you found the courage to listen for -- and answer -- your calling, what would that work look and feel like?

Uncover you

Instead of achieving more, what if you felt gratitude for what you already have, gratitude for who you already are? And from that place you amplified what you love. . .

Bring depth to conversations

"This was amazing to play with my partner over dinner at home. It really brought us closer together and surfaced a lot of meaningful topics which we wouldn’t normally discuss." - Scott

Balanced between lightness and intimacy

"Scenario cards are light and fun. Also intimate, but not too direct... So one does not feel pressured to give the 'right' answer. It's perfect for first dates, friendly get togethers, or sleepovers with my girlfriends... It is a good way to connect to people without feeling pressured to share one's deepest darkest secrets." - Alyssa

Discern what's most important

"Scenario Cards have given me prompts that have really helped me figure out what means the most to me in life. I find myself mentally shuffling my priorities after using the cards!" - Leena

Connect authentically with others

"I didn't realize my mom, who was taking care of us all the time and seemed so capable, had another side of herself we'd never seen. In playing Scenario Cards, now she tells us that she's actually very insecure! And we all thought 'What is this? What's here?' I see her now beyond her family role, who she is a living person." - Anonymous

Where to use Scenario Cards?

A picnic with beer

Enjoy with wine

At the campfire

At the beach

Enjoy with wine

In the automobile!

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Our story

The idea was born in 2020 when founder Roel Vogels discovered a simple method to recover from a personal and work crisis. The simple act of imagining a new scenario, and exploring "What if..." can help you focus on what truly matters to you. Roel shared his insight with friends and was encouraged to create a product from his personal prompts. Successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns helped us launch the company. Now we are finding customers all over the world! As we grow, we will add more products!

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