Master Your Mind 🧠 Launch Video 3/3

To celebrate tomorrow's launch of the Master Your Mind Course, we are giving away FREE tools, case studies and insights to Master Your Mind.

This is Launch Video 3 of 3. 


I’m too busy now but would like to check it out the course later, is that possible?
That’s possible, but please note that our FREE bonuses (Worth $150) will disappear and the course price will increase with another $100 after the launch.

Is there a refund policy?
Yes, we have an 180-day refund policy. No questions asked. 

Do I have time to do this course next to my busy job?
Yes. Our course is designed to be self-paced with small bits every day, so you have time to do this course in your busy schedules.

Who can I reach out to in case I have any questions during the course?
You can email us on Either John from TrueYou or Roel from Scenario Cards will then get back to you. 

How will you help me integrate your teachings in my daily life?
We will teach you how to build new habits and include a 28-Day Accountability Framework that will help you turn our practices into effortless daily habits. 

Does the course come with any LIVE sessions?
No, all our content is pre-recorded and organized in 7 Modules and 30+ Lessons that you can follow anytime online. The content is accessible on all your devices.

Missed our last videos?
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  • Love it! Can’t wait to start tomorrow!

  • So pleased to see that you’re expanding your product line and introducing an online course.

  • Can I follow the course together with my partner?

  • I just set my highlight for today and I’ll see if it helps to give more meaning to my days!

  • I think this could help so many people (including myself). Great work!


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